For Our Facebook Fans

We give our Facebook Fans early dibs on giveaways. So, this is where you place your response to the question posed on Facebook for your chance to win a copy of Donald Maas’ bestselling book Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. Want to know the question? Become a fan on Facebook.

Marcy and Lisa

14 comments on “For Our Facebook Fans

  1. I have this friend in my writers group who told me about GWP… :^)
    I read GWP posts because when I do – and apply what I’m learning – I’m a better writer.
    Thank you again, ladies, for the encouragement, challenge, and info.

  2. I can’t remember, but honestly I think I took a look first to see if you were the real deal. Remember that controversy about the “male” blogger, who was a woman? Anyway, glad I found you all. I’ve enjoyed the posts – saved those on G+ for when I’m ready.

      • I like your name. I think the fact that you guys are clearly pictured and the brand. It’s clear who you are and what you do. Plus, as always quality content always rocks.

  3. I found you when you submitted an article to FellowScript, the writer’s magazine that I edit, about co-writing. I like check out contributor’s websites and blogs. Marcia Laycock has also mentioned your blog and posted links to it. 🙂

  4. I had an appointment with Marcy at the Write! Canada conference and she told me about the website. Now I follow because I love both ladies honesty and insight into the writing process. You always have such informative posts!!

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