Facebook Timeline Mashup

Timeline got you down? Don’t have time to learn all the new tips and tricks? I can’t beam the info into your brain, but since I appreciate you all so much I’m sharing my research. I’m sure there a few more articles published in the last couple of days, but this is a good start regarding Facebook’s Timeline for pages.

Don’t let Facebook Timeline leave you bloodied and defeated – rise up!

Timeline Brand Guide from Mashable – Quick overview. Did you know you can only fill out your page’s milestones until 1800?

Have a social media plan for Facebook. Excellent idea, Mashable. Great resource.

Hats off to Mashable, they were all over this! Read why you need to pay attention to the newsfeed!!

If you don’t know what Edgerank is – read this. Learn about Edgerank – it’s important! This wasn’t changed by Timeline – but it’s a foundational kind of building block you should know about Facebook.

Mashable again – I’m beginning to think I should be getting paid for this (I’m so NOT getting paid to do this – I wish) Learn about Timeline’s real-time analytics. Yes, your Facebook page has built-in analytics that give you fan demographics, interaction graphs, etc. Important tool. (Only the analytics still haven’t hit the real-time part they promised…but that’s another post.)

Here we go – Hubspot jumps into the ring with this fabulous post about getting started on Timeline. Lots of great practical tips here – if you only read one of these – make it this one.

Techcrunch weighs in on the death of the custom landing tab. This may be for more advance Facebook page users – good stuff though. Jump in.

Another great post about how the newsfeed works from Techcrunch. Did you know on average you’re only reaching 16% of your page’s fans? That’s not great. Read this to find out how to do better at reaching more of your fans – and their friends.

A great post from Author Media about 10 ways to increase the number of Facebook Fans you have – the right way (which is not the quick and easy way – be warned). This is a less technical look at the topic from the article linked directly above.

Author Media rounds out this mashup with a great post on what these changes mean to authors, and how authors can best make use of them.

So what? I can read all these posts – doesn’t help me. I want to see this in action. I thought you might say that. There are a number of authors using Facebook to reach large audiences, and have active Facebook communities. I’ve listed a few here. Lurk their page (you don’t have to like what they write) and see how they’re connecting with fans. I’ve tried to have a number of different genres reflected in the list.

Paulo Coelho – 7.7m fans

Neil Gaiman – 477k fans

Frank Delaney 1,187 fans

Karin Slaughter 27k fans

Ted Dekker 157k fans

Laurell K Hamilton 238k fans

Kelley Armstrong 15k fans


A behind the scenes interview with author and Snowflake method creator Randy Ingermanson about his new book Oxygen

The Most Underestimated Key to Success from The Matrix – “There Is No Spoon”

Ever wished for a do-over? What moments in life would you really want to live again?

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12 comments on “Facebook Timeline Mashup

  1. I haven’t yet taken the timeline leap, though I’ve been considering it. I guess my hesitation stems from the sense that we don’t have control over what ends up in the timeline. Hmm… But now I’m thinking we do—is that right??

    I so appreciate the example links, as I, too, learn best by seeing and doing. Fantastic post and resources. Thanks, Lisa!

    • You do and you don’t. Just like on your profile, you can go back through your page history and filter through all the status updates and photos, etc and hide anything that upon reflection was a bad idea. You can still decide what fans can post on your wall (can they tag you in photos, post videos, etc). But, that personalization thing FB does is beyond your control. So, if a fan has posted on their own wall that you suck, when their friends visit your page that may pop up for them – but you still have control of your page’s wall.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for including my article! I didn’t know that fun fact about Facebook Timeline not allowing you to add milestones before 1800. Hmmm…Now I want to try it!

  3. You guys, I am so techie challenged. I did switch over to timeline and put a new photo on it, *pats herself on the back*, but other than that I do not know what I’m doing with Facebook. I don’t like how they laid out the about information. Yours doesn’t say the same thing mine does. How did you change it?

    And this would be the reason why I haven’t joined Triberr, or Google+, or Linked-In, etc. I would like to understand Facebook first before I graduate to another platform. Does this make any sense to you?

    See what happens when you make me think about techie stuff. Ask Jenny Hansen. Her posts go right over my head. LOL! But thanks for the links Marcy and Lisa! I’ll bookmark this for sure! 🙂

  4. Where? Under ‘About’ is where you put a little blurb that shows up under your profile photo. The section called ‘Biography’ is the blurb Facebook will pull when your page is shared anywhere on Facebook. If you click on the little hyperlinked About under the profile photo you should be able to edit from there. Otherwise at the top in your admin panel, under ‘Manage’ click ‘Edit Page’ and you should be able to edit your ‘Basic Information’ from there.
    Hope that helps.

  5. In addition to this site, of course. My point was that they seem to have helpful information, but then I realized my comment could have been taken as, “this site sucks. the other site is better.” Not my point at all, not at all.

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