Farewell from Girls With Pens

This week marks a change that’s both exciting and sad for us. This is the final week of Girls With Pens. We’ve decided to follow the advice of our blogging mentor Kristen Lamb and focus our efforts on the blogs on our websites rather than putting our writing posts here and our other posts there. Trying to divide our time and spreading our online presence out in this way has become more than we can manage.

For those of you who might be worried, this decision has nothing to do with our novel or our friendship (both of which are still going strong). This is a practical choice for us based on needing to make sure that we have time to write, help others, build our platforms, and still live lives away from the computer.

We have some very exciting changes coming up over the next few months, including beginning to teach online writing and social media classes. We can’t give you more details on that right now, but we will have announcements on exactly what classes we’ll be teaching, when, and how you can sign up in the Girls With Pens newsletter and on our blogs.

We’ve loved getting to know you and have appreciated you reading our posts. We hope that you’ll use the links below to subscribe to both our blogs and the Girls With Pens monthly newsletter.

Sign up for our NEW free Girls With Pens newsletter! – The Girls With Pens monthly ezine will bring you interviews with industry professionals as well as other juicy tidbits.    

Subscribe to Marcy Kennedy’s Blog by Email – Starting in April, Marcy will be posting her writing and social media posts on Wednesdays. She’ll also write about how science fiction, fantasy, and life collide on Mondays, and share author interviews, movie trailers, mash-ups, and other fun on Fridays. If you want to subscribe to Marcy’s blog by e-reader rather than email, just pop on over to her website.

Connect with Marcy on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Twitter is her daily hangout, but if you want active conversations about publishing trends, join her on Google+. Her Facebook page will share writing links like the GWP Facebook page did, but she also shares nerd-related fun and inspirational quotes.

Subscribe to Lisa Hall-Wilson’s Blog – Lisa will be blogging about history, humor, and things that challenge and inspire on Mondays, and Thursday will cover writing, publishing and platform topics.

Connect with Lisa on Twitter and Google+, but she hangs out on Facebook. Like her page for writing links and the same great content you’ve enjoyed from her on the Girls With Pens page, or subscribe to her profile for a more personal connection.

The Girls With Pens Facebook Page will be shut down April 1st as well.

17 comments on “Farewell from Girls With Pens

  1. I’ve always wondered how you had time to write when doing your own personal writing blogs AND this one.

    That said, I’ve grown to love your posts here so much, and I’m going to miss seeing “Girls With Pens” in my feed and on facebook :(. I’ve made sure I’ve got both of you on Google Reader, Twitter, and Facebook, though, so I’m glad you’ll still be around and this isn’t a permanent goodbye from either of you :).

    Good luck finding more time. I keep trying, and it keeps running away somewhere :D.

  2. I’m sad too. But I know how time consuming this all is.
    I think I’ve signed up on both of your new formats, but will double check to make sure I don’t miss a thing.
    Although I may not have commented on all your previous posts, I thoroughly enjoyed them all and have tucked them away for future reference.
    All the best!

  3. Aw, I’ll miss you guys, but it sounds like you’re doing the right thing. I signed up for both your blogs and the newsletter. Looking forward to hearing more about the social media classes. Good luck, guys!

  4. We made a lot of sacrifices in terms of sleep and “real life,” but it wasn’t fair to our families to keep that up long-term, and we both are seeking to find more balance this year. Plus, we wanted to be able to take advantage of exciting new opportunities, and to do that, the blogging needed to be streamlined. We found out the hard way that Kristen knows what she’s talking about when she says to keep it all in one place 🙂


  5. Congrats on taking the big leap – will follow you over at your individual blogs. But when you say this site will be shut down as well, will it not be available in archive form? Or will there really be no way to go back and read old posts?

    • I have paid for the custom url girlswithpens.com until sometime in early 2013 – but I won’t be renewing it. So, the blog will remain – periodically updated until that point when we’ll then decide whether to pull the content and offer it as a pdf maybe or just leave it online as is because it’s an otherwise free wordpress.com account.
      I’ll be archiving all my posts on my website sometime in the next week (I think Marcy’s planning to repost all her content on her blog at various intervals).
      So, the short answer is yes, the content will remain as is for a few months anyway but will be available on our websites also.

  6. Well I have already signed up for your newsletter girls! But I can certainly understand why you’re doing this. But I can also imagine how strange this must feel to you both. Can’t wait for your classes! I wish you all the best individually and together! You do make a great team! 🙂

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