Freelancing For A Faith-Based Market

From getting those first coveted publishing credits to having editors come to you. What you need to know to succeed as a freelance writer.

Earning those first publishing credits is crucial, but tough. What do editors want? We’ll show you how we went from working for free to turning paid freelance offers down within a year.

You’ll learn how to recognize a great story, find publications to write for, understand writer’s guidelines and sample copies, write query letters that get noticed, and much more. With interactive exercises, participants will come away with the tools needed to be published in the faith-based market.

When Two Are Better Than One: Co-Writing

Whether you’re looking to increase your expertise, expand your network of contacts, compensate for your own weaknesses, or just end the writing solitude, choosing a co-writer can be one of the best or worst decisions of your writing career!

Find out the best qualities to look for in a co-writer. Learn to balance the writing load. Overcome conflicts and stalemates. Discover the best platforms for collaborating remotely. Learn how to effectively promote yourselves both as individuals and as a team.

We’re working on a social media for writers workshop. Stay tuned for more details.