Important Reminder from Girls With Pens

Over the past few weeks, Lisa and I couldn’t help noticing that we’re still getting subscribers here. And that’s great! We’re happy to have you, but we wanted to remind everyone that we’ve moved. If you want to receive new content like what you’ve obviously enjoyed on GWP (otherwise you wouldn’t have subscribed), you need to do two simple things.

(1) Subscribe to Marcy Kennedy’s Blog

(2) Subscribe to Lisa Hall-Wilson’s Blog

See, told you it was simple 🙂

To help you catch up, here’s the great writing-related content you’ve missed…

What Do We Mean by Strong Female Characters?

How to Keep Strong Female Characters Likeable

What About Characters That Don’t Match Stereotypical Male and Female Qualities?

Do You Worry You Won’t Succeed As A Writer?

How to Make Your Novel Scratch and Sniff

Anger: 5 Shades of Seeing Red

Connotation: Writing Between the Lines

The Details Make the Story

Where’s the Line in the Sand?

4 Writing Tips on Getting Started for Young Authors

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