About Lisa

Behind every legend, at the core of myth, is a seed of truth.

Mermaids and Amazons to King Arthur and Robin Hood, behind every figure, behind the myth, is a kernel of truth that was retold, endured through generations, and grew until it was more fantasy than history. I write dark fantasy novels that honestly face harsh  struggles, where life is gritty and messy, and change how a character thinks, acts — who they are.

Growing up, I was a shy, small, shadow-of-a-girl who lived with the characters in my books, and hid from the world. Life taught me that sometimes bad things happen, sometimes the bully wins, and sometimes no one hears no matter how loud you scream. But through my stories I had a voice – and people listened. As an adult, I’ve learned to face my fears, stomp on the pretenses, and use my writing to find the authentic, the real, the heart-of-the-matter, because I’m convinced that the truth sets you free.

In addition to my fiction writing, I’m a freelance writer published across Canada specializing in marketing copy for faith-based non-profits, and short non-fiction pieces for magazines and newspapers. I specialize in interviews, profiles, and social justice initiatives. I’m passionate about making this world a better place one get-off-your-butt-and-do-something article at a time. I’ve won awards at the Canadian Church Press, been nominated at the Canadian Christian Writing Awards, and my co-written blog was nominated 3 times at the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards. Check out my freelance portfolio here  or learn more about Lisa Wilson Communications here.

On Mondays, I blog Through The Fire, where I pursue the truth, the deeper message, in popular movies like Footloose: Prove It. Sometimes I’ll write about the kernel of truth that launched a legend, and sometimes I’ll share a food-for-thought post like in Why I Hate Christmas.

Wednesdays I write about writing, tips and tricks on craft and the publishing world for emerging authors and writers. Sometimes I’ll just post a great interview like this one with best-selling author and writing teacher James Scott Bell. I’m also working on a series of posts for young writers (ages 12-18) on how to improve their writing in a way they can understand.

I’ll be teaching a number of courses for writers online – watch for details in May.

Fridays I’m Fumbling With Being Green, a vlog chronicle of my attempt to better my world one recycled bottle, compost heap, and duct-taped bucket at a time. As a mom of 3 who works fulltime, being green has to be easy, cheap, and maintainable. Some of the things I’ll try will be flaming failures, others will be so-so, but hopefully I’ll find a few I can maintain and improve on.

I’m on G+ and Pinterest, I do tweet – but I hang out on Facebook. If there’s a book inside you, come hang out with me on my Facebook page where I post tips and writerly links, and chat with writers. If writing’s not your thing and you just want to hang out – subscribe to my profile for a more personal connection.

 “A woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” –Eleanor Roosevelt