Interview With Mary Haskett

Sit down a while and have a cuppa, Bible in hand. Reading this book on prayer was like sitting down to a warm cup of tea with a trusted friend. Mary Haskett’s warm style, sprinkled with sage, relevant and real personal anecdotes made for a quick read. Her honesty and compassion were refreshing.

Because We Prayed: Ten Considerations for Effective Prayer covers a wide range of topics ranging from judging others to spiritual warfare to why pray at all? I found Mary Haskett’s experiences as a prayer warrior compelling and impactful. Though apparently written from a Pentecostal perspective, I wondered could I do something like that? Can a Baptist, or an Anglican or a Catholic enjoy prayer like this? Haskett answers with a resounding YES.

I found Haskett’s willingness to share her own heartaches and how she dealt with those hard times encouraging. I am tired of these books written by people with triumphant lives who never face any serious trials of faith. Not that those books don’t have value, they’ve just never resonated with me.

My only regret with this book, is that it was so short. I felt as though I had met a new friend and was reluctant to end the relationship when I shut the book. Definitely one to keep on your shelf.

I met with Mary at a Tim Horton’s over a cuppa and chatted about her book. Here are some of the highlights.

LW: There’s one scene you share in your book that I loved. You saw a man on television dressed in biker leather with tattoos telling people about Christ.

MH: We know people that have been saved from street life and all that sort of thing, and we can’t really witness to those people because we haven’t been there, but people saved from that life can go where I can’t.

LW: What do you hope readers will take away from reading this book?

MH: I think it will encourage them to know that there’s power in prayer and that prayer is exciting. It’s exhausting when you’re really interceding for people, but the results are wonderful. It brings you really close to the Lord.

LW: For those reading this, thinking about picking up your book, what would you say to them?

MH: I don’t touch on every aspect of prayer, but I have touched on things that affected me personally, and that the Lord revealed to me. Those scriptures have really stuck with me and remind me, and hopefully remind others, to get their mind off the problem and on the problem-solver.

This book is available online from Word Alive Press or

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