Fire At Warp 10 (December 15)

The new normal at GWP is to still post great writing tips on Mondays, and on Thursdays share a collection of our favorite writing posts from through the last week. Have a link to share – leave it in the comments.

“Detail makes the difference between boring and terrific writing. It’s the difference between a pencil sketch and a lush oil painting. As a writer, words are your paint. Use all the colors.” – Rhys Alexander

Lisa Hall-Wilson blogs at Through the Fire

Got The Scar To Prove It – Everyone has scars – some you brag about, some you hide.

Waving Your Freak Flag – Are you misunderstood? Is there something about you that people just don’t get? Wave your freak flag proudly.

Marcy Kennedy blogs at Life At Warp 10

Behind the Scenes: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans – For Harry Potter fans or those just wanting to find out if Marcy is willing to eat vomit, booger, and rotten egg-flavored jelly beans. (Results post here, but you’ll want to read the original first.)

Writing Links

Roni Loren shares the one secret that took the fear out of writing query letters.

Follow The Market or Follow Your Heart from literary agent Rachelle Gardner.

How not to blog for authors beginning to build platform. Great stuff. Part 1 and Part 2 from Anne R. Allen.

How to hook a reader on every page from Kristin Lamb.

Publishers Desperately Trying To Protect Print Sales, And Failing – a great look at the changing industry by David Gaughran

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Fire At Warp 10 (December 7)

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“In science there is a dictum: don’t add an experiment to an experiment. Don’t make things unnecessarily complicated. In writing fiction, the more fantastic the tale, the plainer the prose should be. Don’t ask your readers to admire your words when you want them to believe your story.”

Ben Bova


Writing Links

James Scott Bell guest blogs on Writing What You Fear. Great post, and the discussion was fabulous – be sure to read the comments.

Lisa shared this on the GWP Facebook page, but it was too good not to include here too. 56 of the best/worst similies you’ve ever read. We dare you not to laugh.

Dare to fail. Dare to live. A great inspirational post from Kait Nolan. Not all risk is bad.

Agent Rachelle Gardiner had a great post this week about how to choose an agent, especially if you’re writing in multiple genres.

Research: Am I done yet? Great post from Michelle Ule at the Books & Such literary agency. How do you know when you’re done researching your novel?

Why Publishers Are Relevant – A leaked document from Hachette explains the changing role of publishers in the emerging trend toward self-publishing.

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Lisa Hall-Wilson blogs Through The Fire

Not everyone loves Christmas, in fact, for many it’s a time of reopened wounds and painful memories. Why I Hate Christmas

Truth is stranger than fiction – What if mermaids were real? Folklore is often based on true fact – could mermaids have really existed?

Ceiling Mirrors and Faux Fur – not all honeymoon suites are equal – a humorous tale of what can go wrong on a day you hope is only perfect

Marcy Kennedy blogs about Life at Warp 10

What Are You Willing to Do For Love? – Marcy and her husband battled distance, a long immigration process, and other slightly comical obstacles to be together. Have you done something crazy for love?

An Exorcism? Or Something Else? – This video shows the power of a story. Can you guess what this commercial is for before you reach the end?

Who’s Your Unicorn? – Who brings out the best in you even if they’re no longer around? Unicorns remind us of the person we want to be.

Marcy and Lisa

Fire At Warp 10 (December 1)

The new normal at GWP is to still post great writing tips on Mondays, and on Thursdays share a collection of our favorite writing posts from through the last week. Have a link to share – leave it in the comments.

“A writer is working when he’s staring out of the window.”
-Burton Rascoe

“Write what should not be forgotten…” Isabel Allende

Name the novel – leave your guess in the comments:

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”


Lisa Hall-Wilson blogs Through The Fire

Truth is stranger than fiction – What if mermaids were real? Folklore is often based on true fact – could mermaids have really existed?

Back in the Game – Facing Your Fears – Lisa gives new life to an article that she loved but couldn’t sell in this post on never letting your fears stop you.

Marcy Kennedy blogs about Life at Warp 10

Who’s Your Unicorn? – In today’s post, Marcy defends the argument that unicorns are real–they just don’t look like what people expect (and no, she doesn’t mean those stupid goats with trained horns).

Ace Combat: Wedge Antilles Vs. Kara Thrace – Marcy welcomes a special guest poster for an all-star showdown between Star Wars’ Wedge Antilles and Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck to see who would win. Even if you don’t know the characters, you can still weigh in on whether creativity and moxie trumps cool-headed logic and superior equipment.

The Hunger Games – If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for the Hunger Games movie coming out in March 2012, you can see it here, as well as find other places to interact with this excellent trilogy of books.

Writing Links

Rethinking the Familiar Book Tour – The old model for book signings and tours was for authors to read from their books, but more than one bookstore owner found they were losing their audience. This article talks about a few of the changes some bookstores have been making to draw people back in.

What Is the Senior Acquisition Editor of Abingdon Press Fiction Interested In Seeing? – Until December 5th, Abingdon Press is open to unagented queries (as long as you read this post–it includes special instructions). Among the list of what they’re looking for is Christian steampunk. Yup, you read that right. Christian steampunk.

Inside Scoop on Acquiring Books For A Big 6 Company – A former junior editor (aka – slushpile dumpster diver) shares about the perils and the successes found in the slushpile – and what caught her eye enough to pass up the food chain.

5 Tips for Ninja-Kicking Your Fear – Self-Promotion For The Introvert – The idea of marketing yourself make you sweaty? Here are 5 mostly painless tips at how to appear professional and get the word out about your book.

Writing Is Hard Work by Jerry B. Jenkins – The man’s written over 175 books, he knows what he’s talking about. Writing is work, it’s a career. Would you just decide to be a psychologist and expect to open a private practice in a month? No. Great post.

Literary Agent Chip MacGregor looks to be blogging again after being away from it for a year. Same blunt, tell it like it is style that so many loved.

Marcy and Lisa

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Why I Fall For Promotional Contests Every Time

Monopoly gameI have a stack of yellow Atlantic Avenue pieces for the McDonalds’ Monopoly game even though I consider fast food a heart attack in a bag. I buy more Tim Horton’s coffees in a week of their Roll Up the Rim promo every March than any human should drink in a month. And when the local hardware store ran an online Spin to Win campaign last Christmas, I logged in every day even though it meant playing an obnoxious elf game.

Why do I keep doing it even though I know I’m playing right into their hands like a mind-controlled lemming?

To find out, join me at Marcy Kennedy’s Blog – Life At Warp 10 for the rest of the post.

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