Fire At Warp 10 (February 2)

Every Monday we blog about writing, and Thursdays we post a collection of our favorite writing posts from the last week. Have a link to share – leave it in the comments. For great writing linkage every day (stuff we don’t share here), ‘Like’ the GWP Facebook page.

Marcy Kennedy blogs at Life At Warp 10

What Star Trek Race Are You? – Just for fun, a quick personality quiz to find out whether you’d be a Klingon, Vulcan, or one of the other famous races of the Star Trek world.

Lisa Hall-Wilson blogs Through the Fire

The Lady of the Lake is a figure surrounded by much mystery and mystique. Her role in the Arthurian legends varies from one storyteller to another, but I think the Lady of the Lake was an Amazon – at least at heart.

Writing Links

Have you joined Pinterest? Author Tricia Goyer is all over this new and super popular site. Check out how she uses Pinterest to promote her writing. (If you’re not on Pinterest and want an invite, shoot us an email – we’ll set you up.

20 Most Beautiful Bookstores In The World – no drooling please.

Do Blog Tours Sell Books? from Roni Loren.

Writers are artists who deserve to be paid. How to make money giving away FREE! books by Kristen Lamb

20 Common Grammar Mistakes – how do you fare?

Agents Tweets That Made Us Laugh

@literaticat “Just got a client email: “There is some kind of goblin dog, or fox zombie, on our property!” File under: Things an agent can’t help with.”

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