Fire At Warp 10 (January 19)

Every Monday we blog about writing, and Thursdays we post a collection of our favorite writing posts from the last week. For great writing linkage every day (stuff we don’t share here), ‘Like’ the GWP Facebook page.

Marcy Kennedy blogs at Life At Warp 10

My Life As A Three-Headed Chimera – Sometimes we try so hard to fit in that we forget who we really are.

Lisa Hall-Wilson blogs Through the Fire

A Pitfall of Creativity – I’m not clumsy – I’m just creative. Another humorous post

Everyone could use a sidekick – Who are your favorites?

Writing Links

Eliminating Echoes in Our Writing from Elizabeth S Craig

Author Highlighting Is A Google Must for Blogger by Duct Tape Marketing

Tie-ins, Swag, and Merchandising Ops for the Streetwise Writer on Writer Unboxed

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