Fire at Warp 10

We’ve decided to change things up a bit here at GWP. We’ll still post great writing tips on Mondays, but Thursdays are going to be more of a mashup of posts we’ve written on our own blogs and great writing links we’ve found around the web through the week that we’ve tweeted or shared on Facebook and G+.

Hope you like it 🙂

Lisa’s new blog is called Through The Fire

Today’s post: Biking in PantiesThis is not that kind of post – this is a true story. It wasn’t a bet, I wasn’t drunk – I was just late. See, my life is a string of embarrassing events and mishaps – really, I’m the one in 10,000 every time. But this…

I Am Not American: A Remembrance day post about the birth of national autonomy.

Crazies Mashed Up: Lisa collects stories from around the web that will just make you shake your head in her Truth is Stranger Than Fiction continuing series. If you read these stories in a novel, you wouldn’t believe it could actually happen.

For other posts Through The Fire, search that category on the right.

Marcy’s new blog is called Life at Warp 10

Are You Living Life At Warp 10? – Marcy shares the benefits and drawbacks she’s found to living life at high speed.

Behind the Scenes: Kait Nolan and Werewolves – Marcy interviews indie author Kait Nolan about the werewolves in her new ebook Red – a modern interpretation of Red Riding Hood well worth your afternoon. Great read.

For other Life at Warp 10 posts, check out that category on the right.

Writing Links

Random House Tests A New Book Tour Model: A new way to do book tours from Publishers Weekly. Jamie Oliver is said to be doing this sort of thing with great success also. Worth the read.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail Aggressively by James Scott Bell – a great piece of advice from The Rock about taking chances and stepping out in new directions.

A Tale of the Tablets: Comparing New Devices – a great overview with helpful insights for readers if you’re looking to buy new technology.

What Goes Into A Great Book Cover – Lots of things to consider if you’re about to publish your book whether with a traditional publisher or self-published. A group of designers give their best tips.

5 Tips for Creating Shareable Blog Content – blog in a slump? Don’t know how to fix it? Check out these quick easy tips on how to get readers engaging with your content.

Writer Beware – Small Presses – Writer Beware is a good place to start if you need to check out an agent, publisher or now small press. They list scams and nefarious characters of all sorts – a good site to have bookmarked.

Literary agents do not have to read your query letter – Funny but informative post on how to catch an agent’s attention and get them to keep reading your query. It’s all about the first sentence – lots of examples.

Jane Friedman – Book Marketing – If you had $1,500 or $3,000 or $5,000 how should you spend your money to get the best return (sell the most books) for that investment. Jane gives some great advice.

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