Writing Prompt #16 A New Experience

Ever had to explain something to a friend that’s completely foreign to them? My cousin married an Egyptian fellow a number of years ago. The first few times I met him, I was challenged by this puzzled look on his face when I used a word he was unfamiliar with. “What does this mean? I do not know this word.”

storm clouds and lighteningApparently they don’t have thunderstorms in Egypt – or not very often at any rate. Imagine his surprise, joy, fear at his first thunderstorm here in Canada? It was marvelous to witness someone experience such a thing for the first time.

Today’s prompt: Explain or describe something that’s unique to where you live. Is it a plant? A housing style? A cultural term? A way of life? A festival? Each community has nuances and quirks that make it unique. Tell us about it – but do more than that. Let us experience it through you.

Post your paragraph here in the comments, or leave a link to your blog/website/google doc instead. We will read every post.


5 comments on “Writing Prompt #16 A New Experience

  1. The floor is recently vacuumed. The clutter is banished to the bedrooms upstairs. The kitchen and washroom sparkle. A large punch bowl sits on the table, slices of orange and scoops of sherbet float on the deep red sea of fruit juice and ginger ale. The smell of the freshly baked squares that also grace the table fills my senses with the warmth of childhood. (Fewer people bake these days.)

    No-one would know that just yesterday, the floor was crunchy underfoot. The table was covered in books, a laptop, a dying orchid, and various papers. The kitchen counters were cluttered with unwashed dishes, while the drying rack was full of clean ones. Art supplies, exercise equipment, golf clubs, a box of puppets, and countless other items crowed the entryway, the dining room, and the living room look. Dessert last night came from a box. (In this humidity even the crunchiest of cookies goes soft, just so you know.)

    “So you’re having a party?” you ask.


    “Whose birthday is it?”




    “Did someone have a baby?”

    “It’s not that kind of party?”

    The raised eyebrow and cocked head tell me I’ve lost you.

    “It’s a book party.”

    “A what?”

    “My daughter sell books.”

    “And you have parties to do this?”

    “We do. People come. They eat snacks, flip through sample books, check out the catalog…”


    “And my daughter explains which books are suitable for children at each stage of development. Then she takes orders and books parties if any of the ladies want to host their own party.”

    “And she does the same there?”


    “Is it just for books?”

    “No, here we sell all kinds of things this way.”

    “Very strange.”

    I shrug and offer her a brownie.

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of a book party before. People are always inviting me to candle parties and jewelry parties and cooking supplies parties and I’m never keen on going because my brain interprets it as “if you attend, a purchase, however small, is mandatory.” I find the items for sale are usually nice but more ritzy and expensive than I can afford right now.

    But a book party . . . count me in πŸ™‚


  3. The books are beautiful…and very reasonably priced. Even though my hubby doesn’t get it, I’d love my own collection of children’s books – even if we never have grandbabies.

    So, Marcy, if you’re in the St. Thomas area next Tuesday night…

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