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We’ve reached a milestone of more than 100 followers on all platforms! As a thank-you we’re giving away a copy of Donald Maas’ Writing The Breakout Novel Workbook. Tell us what writing topic you’d like us to blog about next, or how you found us, and have your name entered for a chance to win. Contest closes Sept 1. Free shipping for continental North America only.

Marcy and Lisa


16 comments on “Win A Free Book!

  1. Hi! I heard of you through Tiffany White’s twitter shout out. You have a great blog! I’d love to hear you talk about backstory. 🙂 congrats on reaching 100!!

  2. Found you guys through Fleur Phillips Facebook page and am thoroughly enjoying you both. I would love to see you tackle the subject of how someone like myself, a newly single mom, pursues her dream of becoming a writer. I’m at a cross-roads. All I’ve ever wanted to do was write and now I can truly make that a reality. BUT – I need to find a way to pay the bills too. Sure would be nice if that job had something to do with writing. PLUS – I’d love to find ways to improve my writing, whether that be through a class, workshop, or other medium. I need advice – got any? Thanks~

  3. Howdy Marcy and Lisa,

    I think I found your blog while stumbling around on WordPress trying to figure out what I’m doing, looking for blogs to follow. It’s tempting to select a bunch of different blogs but I’d like to stick with those that make sense to me, as does yours.

    I’m a newbie when it comes to blogging, and have been denying for a long time the part of myself that feels so indulged when I start to write, so I guess you could call me a newbie at writing too. Any posts offering encouragement (as yours seem to do anyhow) are welcome…and any advice for those of us without professional experience.

    Cheers! You rock.

  4. HI! I found you on Twitter as a recommendation via their suggestions. I especially enjoy your articles about social media and the one about platform or chaos really hit home. This week, I am leaving my full-time job for a part-time contract and concentrating on growing my business, getting more of my work published, and making it through my first full year as a freelance writer. I’ll be hitting my platforms hot and heavy beginning next week. As for topics…what’s new and what works will always be welcome. I’m living the dream…wish me luck!

    • We definitely wish you luck. Both Lisa and I are full-time freelancers. Be prepared to have days where you feel discouraged and wonder why you started to freelance. Don’t make any life-altering decisions on those days 🙂 They do pass, and in the long-term, I think you’ll be really glad you decided to freelance.


  5. I would love some creative ideas on how to find time to write with small children around, or how to find time for those with many demands on their time. How to accomplish bits of writing without having hours to sit down and work. I’m not sure how I found you, but I’m glad I did!

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