ROW80 Week 3 – Celebrating Small Victories

I never reward myself.

Back when I was still trying to sell my very first article, I motivated myself through the discouragement with a promise of a reward when I made that first sale. But the sale came and went, and suddenly that achievement no longer seemed worthy of a reward. I made a new deal with myself for a bigger achievement and reward instead.

Problem is I’d set a pattern, always promising myself something to celebrate goals reached, but never following through. Two years ago I took the grand prize in a Writer’s Digest Competition. Do you know what I did to celebrate? Absolutely nothing. I didn’t even buy myself a chocolate bar with the prize money.

The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little blue, and I realized part of it comes back to not celebrating the small victories. The goals I’m setting now are huge. Get an agent. Sell a novel. They’re going to take time to accomplish, and even when I do, I can’t trust myself to celebrate.Β 

So I need to learn to celebrate the small victories–like a week where I met my ROW80 goal. I did meet my modified goals this week. And I have a bag of jelly beans to prove it.

How are your ROW80 goals going? And do you reward yourself when you meet your goals? Or do your achievements never seem quite good enough?



10 comments on “ROW80 Week 3 – Celebrating Small Victories

  1. Oh Marcy, Marcy! No celebrating? And you won a big competition? You need to let me help you! πŸ˜‰ The next time you accomplish something big or small, let me know and I’ll push you to do something for yourself! LOL Congrats on the writing goals met. GREAT JOB!

  2. I agree with Lacie, but , I’m exactly like you, Marcy. I’ve actually not even celebrated getting a degree (or two or three!). Nothing quite measures up, so it never seems as though it is worthy of a celebration.

    I’d like to say that I’d celebrate like a fool if I won the WD competition, but I know that I probably wouldn’t. What I will say is: not celebrating is WRONG!!!!

    I like your idea of starting with baby steps–I could maybe even do a bag of jelly beans! Keep going, and keep celebrating! I’ll join you!

  3. Congrats on the accomplishments! Gotta love jelly beans. I’m the same about rewarding myself. I say I will, then I don’t. Instead, I set the bar a little higher. You’re right to celebrate the little victories, because they are victories. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks to you, Marcy, I joined ROW80. If there ever were a great bunch of encouragers, this is where you’ll find them. Building stronger relationships with current writer friends and making new ones is like rewarding myself even for setting out on the journey. Thanks for being one of those rewards, my friend.

  5. Wow – I can totally relate. But reward is part of life’s sweetness. And HELLO, you won a Writer’s Digest Grand Prize?! Definitely reward worthy. As is the Row#80 goals. Maybe we gotta start training ourselves to celebrate? I’ll bring the cake!

  6. Oh! No celebration? Tsk tsk. But that’s the fun part after all the heavy work. A hot bubble bath, a water fight (get in touch with your inner child), a card to yourself, a chocolate, anything.
    But you started heading to the right direction and that’s fantastic.
    Congratulations on meeting your goals!

  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! It looks like I’m not the only one who’s struggled with rewarding herself, and like everyone agrees that I should reward myself a little more often than never πŸ™‚


  8. I know what it is like to expect more out of yourself and never seem to reach that goal. Once the goal is acheived I am already focused on the bigger goal and never stop to see the little steps. Take hope in the fact that you are not alone in this and that chocolate is never an option – its a food group.

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