Writing Prompt #9

Point of View – First Person

Today, the limit is on word count, not time (but if you only have 15 minutes that’s fine). Your limit is 600 words. Use the first person point of view (POV) “I” to tell the story – fiction or non-fiction. Try to limit yourself to using “I” no more than five times (the sentence prompt not included). Using deep POV will be helpful in this exercise. Here is your first sentence:

It’s 2am, and I’m alone again.

Happy Writing!

One comment on “Writing Prompt #9

  1. It’s 2:00 a.m., and I’m alone again. Stupid university assignment. OK, so it wasn’t the professor’s idea. It was still a stupid assignment. It’s just too late to change my mind.

    Sitting alone at the bus station is no fun. Neither is wearing these old clothes and going for hours without eating or drinking just to prove a hypothesis: People are Basically Kind.

    Yeah, right! My dry throat and empty stomach beg to differ.

    Five foot two. One hundred pounds tops. Biceps? What biceps? Terrifying? Not even the cockroaches in the bathroom are afraid of me.

    No books allowed. And my Kindle? Well, that would be stupid. Who’d buy a homeless girl with an e-reader? The only things to read are last week’s newspapers and Reader’s Digest magazines from the last decade. Can you say b-o-r-i-n-g?

    Writing on scraps of paper with stubs of pencils is not a very efficient way of taking notes.

    And if I don’t have a shower soon…

    My prof offered to clear it with the police, but no…Then it wouldn’t be an authentic experience. They really do harass people. And that smell of stale beer is not coming from me. It might have something to do with the empties littered all over the place. The half dozen genuinely homeless guys that hang out here to stay warm also might have something to do with it.

    Safe? It’s probably safer here than in the dorm…what with all the morons visiting their girlfriends and all. I wouldn’t trust most of them any farther than I could drop kick them.

    These guys…They’re far more interested in their $2.00 wine than looking my way. Besides, these dudes I could probably take in a fight. Most of them look like they weigh less than me.

    You’d think some religious types would camp out here. Seems like prime real estate for their salvation message. Heck! That would be a welcome change from the cursing, the smell, and the harassment.

    Good thing asthma doesn’t run in my family. The air is blue. So much for No Smoking in Public Places. The clothes can be tossed, but my skin may never lose this delightful smell.

    Not sure if this is the worst time though. It’s got to be around 7:00 when the businessmen in their $500 suits carrying their $200 briefcases show up. Slumming it. Saving the environment by leaving their BMWs and Hummers at home. Whatever! They don’t even notice me. Just another non-entity.

    It’s the moms on the way to the babysitters with their preschoolers that bug me. Shouldn’t they be teaching their kids some kind of compassion? Here, they think they’re doing so well. Superwoman, raising a family, holding down a full-time job…And their houses are probably immaculate. Even so, they’re spoiling their kids…not with designer jeans and runners and $50 backpacks…

    How often has a four-year-old hopped up on the bench beside me and asked, “What’s your name?”

    And then there was the little redheaded girl yesterday morning. “I’m on my way to visit my friends. Sh, don’t tell Mommy,” she whispered conspiratorially, “but my babysitter lets me have cookies after lunch. Mommy says they’ll rot my teeth and make me fat, but Susan says one or two won’t hurt.”

    I burst out laughing, but that’s what got her mother’s attention. She looked mortified. She grabbed the little girl’s hand and pulled her away like I had the plague or something.

    “Come on, Anna. You’d don’t want to bother the nice lady.” I thought she was going to choke on the word.

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