Writing Prompt #8

In our ongoing effort to provide you with a variety of writing prompts, today we’re giving you a first line. Where you take it after that is entirely up to you. (If you want to write this in third person, just turn the first line into dialogue.)

You have 15 minutes and 300 words. We’d love to have you share your story either directly in a comment or by leaving us a link in a comment. Ready, set, write!

First Line: Today I almost died.


5 comments on “Writing Prompt #8

  1. “Today I almost died.”

    The four-year-old’s face was beet red, and she was out of breath. She barely got the words out before she flung herself at my legs.

    I patted her on the head. What else could I do? I couldn’t erupt into laughter. I didn’t want to wound her tiny psyche. But seriously…I almost died?

    Renee was prone to exaggeration. Some just called it a vivid imagination, and who was I to squelch it? But, as Tom said, “There is a fine line between imagination and a bald-faced lie.”

    Two minutes later she was still holding on as tightly as ever. Even so, I noticed something strange. She was trembling. Why on earth? She never stayed still for two minutes if she didn’t have to, never mind shake. She was really scared.

    Now I was starting to get scared too. Was there really something to her statement? She’d just been playing two doors down, at her best friend’s house. Nothing could have happened there. Could it?

    Nancy hadn’t called. Why hadn’t Nancy called? If Renee left before the scheduled time, Nancy always called. I began to tremble—just a little.

    “Why don’t you come inside, honey?”

    I felt my little girl nod her head ever so slightly. “OK, Mommy.”

    I shut—and locked—the door. Silly, I know. But I wasn’t taking any chances. My baby was my life, and I wasn’t going to let anything hurt her…even if it was only a figment of her imagination.

    That’s when I heard the police sirens in the distance.

    • Microsoft Word (if that’s what you’re using) should give you the word count, so you could cut and tighten until you reached 300. I often find that I “overwrite,” then have to cut words, and what I have at the end is better for the tightening up.

      If you absolutely love it at 400, we’d love to have you post it anyway.


  2. Okay – Here is my attempt. It is over 300.

    Today I almost died – or could have.

    As I headed north in rural Ontario, I thought about how wonderful the weekend had been at my daughter’s – lots of fun with my two grandchildren; crawling on the floor with them; singing songs; reading bedtime stories and having meals together. What a blessing.

    It was time to head north, back to my husband whom I had neglected for a few days.

    Anxious to get home in good time I wondered if I could take a shorter route. I stopped in at the gas station to fill up and ask if they had heard any complaints about the shorter northern route. The attendant assured me that he had heard of no problems.

    By this time the snow on the road had started to melt and felt slushy under my tires.

    Thanking the man for the gas and advice I decided to take the northern winding route.

    I pray a lot in the car. I sing praise music. I sometimes speak in the Spirit.

    This day was no exception. I started up the winding road. As I drove along I sang and prayed. Gradually I could feel the slush on the road begin to get crunchy under the tires. I slowed down. I saw the temperature gauge dip below freezing. This didn’t look good.

    The Glamorgan Road is narrow with many curves and hills. But today I felt confident. Too confident. As I turned a bend in the road I saw that not only did it dip sharply, it curved to the left. I touched the brakes. (Bad idea!)

    I felt the icy crunchy slush hit my tires on the left. My car veered all the way into the left lane going down that hill.

    Suddenly I felt the wheel turn back to the right lane and straighten up. I don’t remember making that maneuver at all. In the split second for me to realize that I had been in trouble I found myself back in the right lane heading down the hill. No traffic approached either.

    Praising God and slowing down I realized that He had taken over the wheel. He had landed me back in the right lane.

    I had no fear. I knew He was there. I did tell myself to take more care as I continued the drive back home wrapped in His love, protection and peace.

    Might use this as a post on Under the Cover of Prayer. Thanks for the encouragement.

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