Writing Prompt #7

This week’s writing prompt is a setting. No other rules except that the story must take place entirely in the location below.

Set a timer for 15 minutes, and try to stay to under 300 words. Post your story (or a link to it) in a comment. We’d love to read it.

A library after dark . . .

One comment on “Writing Prompt #7

  1. They’re finally gone. I thought I’d never be alone. It’s a good thing they didn’t check the stalls before turning off the bathroom lights. An entire library to myself. Definitely a dream come true.

    Now, where should I start? Fiction? Non-fiction? Magazines? Oh, I know…

    I’ll start in the New Release section. Always good.

    Hm, a new Harlan Coben novel. Looks good. An easy read too. Might be a winner, but I don’t want to be too hasty.

    Oh, my! A new book on natural childbirth. My clients would benefit for sure if I read this one.

    Oh, no! The newest Writer’s Market. I do need to find some new places to submit my work.

    OK, this is crazy. Why are there new books on every topic that interests me? Is it a plot or something?

    Why not? I’ll take a stack and curl up on the couch. I have all night. I’m sure I can get through two or more of them…especially if I skim

    This is great. I’ve got everything I need. A couple of bottles of water. A snack. A reading light with extra batteries. A stack of books. A comfy place to…

    What…huh…where am I?

    “And what may I ask are you doing here?” The librarian doesn’t look pleased to see me in the least.

    “Oh, crap!”

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