June Book Giveaway Continues

Want to win June’s book giveaway? Join our Facebook page to get the “word of the day,” then use that word in a creative sentence in a comment on this sticky post. The more sentences you make, the more chances you have to win. Sorry, only one sentence per new word 🙂


42 comments on “June Book Giveaway Continues

  1. All my lucubrating is sure to pay off, Jen told herself as the prof placed each exam upside-down atop the desks—though foreboding crept across her hopes like dusk falling on the desert.

  2. In the arroyo we left our regrets—desiccated disappointments washed away when the rains came—and set our faces to the sun, once again.

  3. Defenestration crossed his mind a couple of times in the crowded waiting room—but then, they were only on the first floor, and the rambunctious little rascals would likely come crawling back in for more.

  4. I had always wished that my parents had the same kind of cavalier attitude to staying out late as did my friends parents. Now I’m glad they didn’t!

  5. She used to think Braden’s cavalier attitude was exciting, romantic and exhilarating when they first met, but after six years of marriage, she’s realizing it’s irresponsible, lazy and perilous.

  6. The court called a very special person to obtest. A young child had been in the area when the burglary had occurred.

  7. I OBTEST you; please let them know I am ENERVATED all because he treated me like a plant and tried to ETIOLATE me by keeping me locked in the basement for a month.
    (Just wondering…Does this count as three entries. ;~))

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