Top 5 Reasons For Authors to Join Facebook

If jumping into the Twitter Ocean isn’t your thing, or even if it is, try the Facebook Freeway with me. This is the first in our Facebook series for writers and authors.

road at night
Reason #1 – People (Readers) Hang Out On Facebook

  • If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world by population.
  • There are over 600 million people on Facebook (that’s about 1 in every 13 people in the world).
  • Over a million links are shared on Facebook every 20 minutes.
  • Over 70% of the total USA web audience is on Facebook.

The average Facebook user spends an hour a day on the social media site. Teens don’t Twitter – they Facebook. And if you think only young people are on Facebook, you’re wrong. One of the fastest growing segments of Facebook users are adults 45+. Who’s your audience? More Facebook statistics.

Reason #2 -Facebook Is Set Up For Marketing
Facebook has jumped on the marketing bandwagon with gusto. Authors and writers should have a Facebook Page (not a group). Pages allow you to upload large custom profile photos, create a customized landing page (welcome tab) to point people to a website, blog, etc. You can integrate your blog into the Notes tab on your Facebook page. Some interesting giveaways are happening – free download of debut singles for becoming a fan that allow you to collect email addresses.

Facebook ads appear on the profiles of any demographic you like – single moms, in London, Ontario who like reading. These targeted ads pop up on the right margin of your Facebook profile. These are ppc ads (pay per click) so you get charged only when people click on the ads, and you can set a maximum amount to spend on the ad. Create events that people can share with friends.

Reason #3 – Connect With Readers
Facebook is all about sharing and connecting. With a Facebook page, people become fans because they are looking for something from you. (What’s in it for me?) Fans leave reviews, comments, support your work through Facebook – and hope to get the author to interact with them. Businesses like Starbucks give away coupons and other promotional deals through Facebook. Authors answer questions from fans and try to relate on a more personal level. A great example of this is Ted Dekker who calls his fans The Underground. Michael Bublé takes a photo of the crowd from the stage at his concerts and you ‘tag’ yourself if you were there. However superficial critics call this connection, this is what it’s about.

Reason #4 – Six Degrees Of Separation
Here’s where the power of Facebook comes in. I have roughly 250 friends on my personal Facebook account. When I post a link, theoretically 250 people see that status on their newsfeed. When one of my friends shares my link, it’s rebroadcast to all their friends – say they have 250 friends – and so on. This is called ‘going viral’ when enough people spread the same link or news in a short period of time. The ‘goal’ of all this sharing is to land on people’s Top News section of their home page. You need to post links, statuses, photos, that people want to interact with and share. Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine this.

Facebook selects from your friends the statuses and links they think you’d be most interested in seeing. It’s a quick, easy, cheap way to rise to the top of all the chatter.

And when you have a Facebook Page, you can like and comment on other pages without using your personal profile, further spreading the exposure of your page. Every time you post a status it appears in your fan’s newsfeed. Lots of great exposure.

Reason #5 – It’s Easy
Facebook isn’t only about keeping in touch with your friends and family. Facebook is a place to nurture relationships because it’s about conversations. Facebook is set up to share yourself with other people with photo albums, ‘likes’, and a instant messenger feature. Facebook is a point and click world. Developers have created apps (applications) that allow you to do so many different things, connect and share in a variety of ways, that there’s something for every skill set and level of comfort.

So what’s stopping you?

My next few blogs will be about navigating the Facebook. Other posts in this series: Building Your Social Media House, Pimp Out Your Facebook Page – Learn how to set up, customize and optimize your Facebook page. Get Liked – Facebook Marketing Tips For Authors, Carpooling With Book Fans on the Facebook Freeway.

If you missed Marcy’s Twitter survival tips blitz, find all those links here:
how to avoid being fed to the sharks by your fellow tweeters,” “how to make people want to share the lifeboat with you,” and “how to swim so the time-sucking current doesn’t sweep you away.”

Have a question about Facebook, post it in the comments section. I’ll do my best to answer it in the upcoming posts.


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