Writing Prompt #4

Today’s prompt is music. You have 15-30 minutes (after the song finishes) and 300-500 words to get those creative juices going.

If you’re a fiction writer, it’s probably obvious to you what to do. If you’re a non-fiction writer, why not brainstorm some potential article ideas from the emotions or stories within the songs?

We’d love to see what you came up with. For this one, remember to tell us what song you used.

For country fans, Blake Shelton’s “Don’t Make Me.”

For the rest of you who don’t love country music, Christina Perry’s “Jar of Hearts.”

6 comments on “Writing Prompt #4

  1. LOVE Christina Perri – hadn’t heard of her before. What fabulous muse music for writing! Her voice is haunting and I love the mix of instrumentals from piano, guitar to violin and I think I heard a timpani (had to buy the whole album). Reminds me of Feist a little. Will have to post my story later.

  2. I’d heard it all. Unfeeling. Callous. Inhuman. Evil. Each word had been used to describe me time and time and time again. Those and others far more colourful.

    “Whatever…” I always picked myself up, brushed myself off, and went on with life.

    It wasn’t until you said this song could have been written about me, that something snapped. You pointed out the line that says, “You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.” Talk about cold!

    But now I’m sitting here alone in the dark. That ice, as you call it, has spread. If I could move, I’d be trembling. I’ve never felt this way. Maybe I’ve never felt at all.

    When I first listened to the song, my knee-jerk reaction was to send a scathing e-mail asking, “Who do you think you are?” But my fingers hovered above the keyboard. The ice had already spread that far.

    Do I hate you for showing me this side of myself? I want to. I really do.

    Am I thankful? Let’s not go that far.

    But for the first time in forever, you’ve left me no choice but to look at myself. To really look.

    It was so much easier looking at others. Judging them. Criticizing them. Using them.

    Why isn’t life easy anymore?

    Oh, yeah! Now I remember…It’s all because of you.

    When we met, you were so fresh, so innocent. When I think about it now, I guess I was drawn to you because you were everything I’m not. How ironic! I’ve made you like me, and now I want to be like you once were.

    And if I change…if I thaw…what good will it do? The wake of destruction I’ve left behind is too immense. And if I let it get to me—really get to me—the fire that is sure to replace the ice will consume me. There’ll be nothing left but a pile of ash. And if I try to move now…to live as I always have…I’ll end up a heap of sharp ice shards.

    Some choice you’ve left me with!

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