May Book Giveaway #4

Only a few more days left to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Brandilyn Collins’ newest release Over The Edge. Contest ends on Tuesday May 31, 2011. Leave a comment on one of our blog posts throughout the month of May – the more you comment the more often you’re entered. (No spam please.)

Here’s the final installment of our interview with Brandilyn Collins.

Girls With Pens: Can you share a piece of advice that you wished someone had shared with you when you were first starting out? Can you share a piece of advice you received as an aspiring novelist that you wish you hadn’t listened to?

author Brandilyn CollinsBrandilyn Collins: I didn’t really get advice as an aspiring novelist because at that time email wasn’t around to link me to other authors as it is today. And I didn’t know about writers conferences. So I pretty much put myself through a sort of masters and PhD degree on my own as I studied the craft. I do wish someone had told me to rest easier, that the times of writing when I wasn’t contracted would be the best writing times of my life—because I could walk away when I got tired of it. Or when I was sick of being rejected. Whatever. During those 10 years it was push, push, push to sell a novel. I thought selling was the end—the goal. I had no idea that was just the beginning of a journey that continues to be difficult. Writing to  make a living is not easy. In fact, few authors are able to actually make a living at it. You have to really love and respect the craft. And be savvy in business and marketing.

Girls With Pens: Share something about yourself that your readers might not know.

Brandilyn Collins: Yes, I really do have a hot tub with a cover just like the one in the opening scene of Violet Dawn. And yes, I really did think, hmm, I could hide a body in here at night as I was sitting in said hot tub after dark.

A final word from Brandilyn:

Information on all my books, including the first chapters, can be read on my web site: You can view a trailer for Over the Edge here: Oh, and look for the wild free download of Tick Squish, a game created for Over the Edge. It will be available around mid-May for all things i—iPad, iPhone, iWhatever. As you advance in the levels of the game, it unlocks a chapter of the book. You can read the prologue and chapters one through three. Great free game, plus a free sampling of the book. I’ll be letting people know through Facebook when it’s available. Please do join me on my Facebook account:

Winners will be announced here on the Girls With Pens blog June 1st. Hope you’ve enjoyed our contest. Watch for details about our June Book Giveaway!

Marcy and Lisa


4 comments on “May Book Giveaway #4

    • The fun isn’t completely over yet. Spoiler alert, but we’ll be continuing our summer book giveaway with signed copies of novels from Lauraine Snelling and Mary DeMuth.

  1. Brandilyn may not have received expert advice as an aspiring novelist, but she certainly shares expert advice with others. Her Christian Writers Guild Writing for the Soul clinics, workshops, and keynote speeches helped me hone my craft and acquire a publishing contract from Tyndale. I am eternally grateful to her for her dedication to helping aspiring novelists grow. Brandilyn, you are awesome!

    • We’d like to second that. We also had the pleasure of learning from her this past April at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference when Lisa took our co-written manuscript into her mentorship intensive.

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