May Book Giveaway #3

This is week 3 of our May book giveaway. Have you left a comment on our blog to enter the draw for a signed copy of Brandilyn Collins’ newest release Over The Edge ? Contest ends May 31, 2011.

More from our interview with Brandilyn:

Girls With Pens: How much research goes into, on average, each of your suspense novels? Can you recount your favourite interview and why this is your favourite?

 Brandilyn Collins: When I first started writing suspense in 1990 (I didn’t start selling until 10 years later), I had a huge learning curve in terms of knowing the inner workings of cops, forensic teams, the legal system, etc. That first suspense was Eyes of Elisha, a complex story involving all of those aspects. It’s the most research I ever had to do for a book. I started with a crack homicide detective in my town, who sent me to a prosecutor, who sent me to the head of the forensics lab, and on and on. I remember that homicide detective pacing in my office as he answered my questions, getting so into the story as he spun out what he’d do in the scenarios I gave him. It was wonderful, rich stuff for making my characters believable.

Cover for Over The EdgeMake sure to leave a comment for a chance to win Over The Edge.


5 comments on “May Book Giveaway #3

  1. What do you recommend if your character’s profession doesn’t live around you. I have a story about a soldier but I do not know any. I have asked friends but have come up with nothing. So I started reading books about soldiers but it ibecame so time consuming – taking away from my wip. So I finished the story and then shelved it hoping someday I will meet a soldier.

    • Excellent question, Jodi. I’m glad you decided to ask. A lot of people are probably wondering the same thing, so we’re going to answer your question in a post.


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