May Book Giveaway

Beginning today, we’re running a contest to give away a signed copy of Over The Edge, the newest release from best-selling suspense author Brandilyn Collins. Subscribe to our blog, and make a comment for your chance to win. All comment authors for the whole month of May will be entered into a draw to win the book (and free shipping to anywhere in North America). The more you comment (on any post), the more often you’re entered. Brandilyn says Over The Edge is “The book I was made to write.”

Each week we’ll also post a new question and answer from our interview with Brandilyn. Check out this great promotional video by Brandilyn.

Girls With Pens:

You have created a name for yourself as a suspense writer. What do you love most about the suspense genre, and in your opinion, what aspect of writing a suspense novel do you find most difficult?

 Brandilyn Collins:

“I love the high drama. Stakes in the suspense genre are at their highest—typically the stakes are life itself. When the stakes are that high, characters are pushed to their max—and they can learn about their own humanity and God in the process.

 My Seatbelt Suspense® brand has a four-point promise: fast-paced, character-driven suspense with myriad twists and an interwoven thread of faith. That third point—myriad twists—is a difficult thing for me to pull off each time, because my readers get smarter with each book. They know I’m going to try to fool them. We play a game. I try to surprise them once again—and they try to figure out the twists ahead of time.”

Check out Over The EdgeCover for Over The Edge. Watch the book trailer here.


9 comments on “May Book Giveaway

  1. So, the more comments I make, huh? You do remember how much I can talk/write? ;^)

    Anyhoo, I think this is a super idea. And the book sounds great.

    Bless you both!

  2. Don’t put me in the draw because I’m hinting very strongly to family for a copy on my birthday this month… but thanks for doing this interview, and I’m sure the book will be a great read. Brandilyn Collins is my favourite suspense writer.

    For your own writing, Lisa and Marcy, have you read her writing book, Getting into Character?

    • Hi Janet,
      We both have a copy of her book, and Lisa actually took part in her mentorship class at Mt. Hermon. But thanks for the tip 🙂 We always love recommendations for good books.

  3. Oh, yeah. Would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for the little glimpse into the suspense genre and Brandilyn’s affection for it.

  4. That trailer is just plain CREEPY!! Wow… I can’t wait, and I know BC will have done a spectacular job with this!!

  5. Please enter me in the draw… janet.sketchley via gmail

    Now I know why I didn’t get a copy for my birthday… chapters-indigo and aren’t listing it yet 😦

    Brandilyn Collins is my favourite living suspense author.

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