Snacks and 50lbs of luggage

Our planner-and-panster-go-to-California adventure started this morning at 4 am with a 2-hour drive to the airport and a 1 hour 20 minute flight to Minneapolis. The original plan was to grab brunch in the Minneapolis airport, but our flight was delayed. By the time we landed, we faced two choices: find a meal or catch our flight. So we went hungry.

Almost four hours later, we touched down in San Jose, and pantser Lisa no longer mocked planner Marcy’s suggestion to pack snacks as a contingency plan. Then she got her revenge when, upon reaching Mt. Hermon, Marcy needed to haul 50 pounds of luggage up the steep hill while Lisa easily carried her two small bags. Marcy consoles herself with the thought that should another unexpected event arise, she’s prepared.

The shuttle from the airport weaved through the agressive Cali drivers and saw Marcy sandwiched between two very kind but enthusiasic Texans with the best accents. We’ve wondered how we sound to them.

We saw Steve Laube in the lobby and have resisted the temptation to lurk – because that would just be creepy. And we’re not nearly desperate enough to stoop to creepy yet. We’re now settled into our accomodations, we found food, and we’ve checked our email (Lisa was going through withdrawal – Marcy was also going through withdrawal and unwilling to admit it if we’re being honest!)

So, here we sit trying to recap our adventures so far.

As we flew over the mountains of Colorado and the deserts of I don’t know where and the hills and valleys of California, Lisa commented on the awesome beauty of the earth God created for us, and how deep and diverse that land is. Snow-capped mountains led to barren wastelands and deserts with lines of roads stretching across the expanse.

Watching the shadows of clouds pass across the land, it was like seeing His fingerprints everywhere. And between the mountains were cities. And on every flat spot across California was a house, or a suburb, tailored for the different environment. The two-story homes that we’re so used to were replaced by low-lying stucco-roofed homes that would be too expensive to heat in Ontario. We saw a high school track team training as we flew over San Jose. Life continued everywhere oblivious to our descent, bustling and bursting.

And in the midst of the empty expanses, two thoughts struck us: the wonder of God’s creation and man’s creativity.

So tonight, as we’re feeling a little overwhelmed and a lot tired, it’s those two things we want to focus on. Writing gives us a means to follow in the footsteps of our Creator, and surrounded by His handiwork, be creative ourselves.

Marcy and Lisa


3 comments on “Snacks and 50lbs of luggage

  1. Love it. Love it. Love it. What a fun post! I look forward to living vicariously through the two of you for the next few days. :^)

  2. I’m imagining you there in California, in places where I have also been. I’m so happy for you, and since we’re all being honest, a little envious too. Have a great time.

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