Can You Write?

I’ve told myself a few times now over the course of the morning that even though it’s March Break and it’s utter chaos in my house, I still have deadlines. This blog being one of them. I’ve isolated myself while still being accessible because my children are home from school. The bank called to tell me I was late on a loan payment that I’ve already made. My dog Marshall ate–actually ate–an entire pair of my underwear this morning. Ewww.  My kids keep nagging me for things I’ve already said no to because they know if I’m distracted I’m more likely to give them what they want. What are we going to have for lunch?

And I’m supposed to be writing. I’m a professional, I tell myself. Professionals aren’t allowed to have writer’s block. I don’t exactly have writer’s block – I’d love to be able to write. But I can’t focus because of all the chaos in my house right now. But the problem is the chaos isn’t going away.

Then the doubts begin.

Maybe I shouldn’t have included that quote in the article I submitted last week. I’m sure it’s going to get people riled up. Won’t matter that I didn’t actually say it, or whether or not I agree with it. I shouldn’t care, but I sort of do.

I received contributors copy for a magazine that both Marcy and I write for. She wrote a stellar article on a hot button topic and the editor printed two entire pages of negative feedback from readers. Ouch. I feel bad for Marcy because that happened to me last November. Seeing the feedback from her article is giving me flashbacks. What makes people feel like they have the freedom to question my ability to write, my intelligence even, from one article? What if they’re right?

Maybe I should get a job that pays regularly? My girls need braces, my sister-in-law is getting married and we all need new clothes not to mention gas money for the 18hr drive each way…

It goes on. Do you have days like this?

Here are some thoughts on how to combat the writer’s doubts that assail every writer from time to time.


What I mean is jettison all the ‘stuff’ that’s crowding in and taking up mental space. I have had to learn to compartmentalize certain things or else get nothing done. If I allowed it to, the noise in my house, the work that needed doing, all the outside clutter would never let me write anything. Obviously, I’m better at it some days more than others.


What projects, achievements, are the most important to you? Focus on those. Fulfill your commitments, I’m not saying bail on anything already agreed on, but take time to decide what you want out of this writing adventure and do something every week that gets you closer to that goal.

Remind yourself you can write

I keep a folder in my inbox with all of the emails I’ve received that affirmed me as a writer. When I’m down, I go back and read through those. Maybe it’s a note from your mom, your boss, an editor, anyone whose opinion you respect. If you don’t already keep one of these files, I suggest you start one. I also keep a separate binder of the published work I’m most proud of and I look through that also.

Get out

Get out of the house for a while. Go for a walk, play with the dog, read a chapter in a book, play a game with your kids. Sometimes you just need a mental break to silence the doom and gloom in your mind. When you return you’ve got fresh wind in your sails. Just be careful not to fall into this too often because the temptation to stay away from your writing becomes compelling.

Just do it

Sometimes, the only thing to do is to work through it. There have been times it’s taken me two days to write an article that should have taken a couple of hours. It happens. It’s not time efficient, but there is something to be said for the discipline of staying with it and working it through.

Chat with a friend

Marcy and I often have email pity parties. Thankfully we’ve never had one at the same time. Do you have a friend who encourages you when you’re down, smacks you (proverbially) when you need it, and hugs you (virtually) as often as possible? They are worth their weight in gold.

Remind yourself of the why

Remind yourself of why you choose to write. This is a tough tough job market to break into and burnout seems common. There are many stories of writers who need alcohol or drugs just to function and perform. Remind yourself why. I look at my kids and remind myself that I’m happiest when I’m writing, and a happy mommy makes a happy home. I also see how proud they are of the work I do and get excited over every contributor copy that comes in the mail. It doesn’t matter to them if the magazine is well-read or prestigious – maybe I shouldn’t worry about it either. I also turn to my faith. Writing is what I feel God has put me on this earth to do, and as long as I do that then I’m successful in the mission I’ve been given. I need to constantly re-evaluate how I measure success.

What doubts keep you from writing, and how do you combat them? We’d love to hear from you.



4 comments on “Can You Write?

  1. Today, for the very first time today, I made my writing a priority over everything else. I am still shocked at myself. Usually my writing is something I push into the back cupboard, taking it out when I’ve got a few spare moments and then shoving it back into hiding when chaos takes over.

    I don’t know what made me decide it was important today. It just is.

  2. Hey there! Loved this post. It’s nice to hear that other writers go through doubts. It makes me realize I’m not the only one. I hear ya sista!

    I often go to Williams (coffee pub) to write. When I do this, it keeps me focused. And I order a favourite drink. That in itself gets me excited about going on my mini writing retreat to Williams! HA!

    Keep writing. You ARE a great writer!

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