Getting ready for Write! Toronto

We’ve been busy putting together the details for our workshop for Write! Toronto on November 13th at Tyndale University and Seminary. (Download the poster here.)

We’ll show you how we went from writing for free, to getting assignments and contracts. Find out what you need to know to succeed as a freelance writer in the faith-based market.

We’ll break the workshop up into three sections – Research, Writing & Pitching, and Business. During the workshop, participants will work through the early planning stages of writing an article and a query letter, and learn how those tools will get you publishing credits. We’ve asked over a dozen of the editors in the Canadian faith-based market we’ve worked with, to tell us what they’re looking for from a freelancer. We’ll share their answers!

Some of the items we plan to cover include:

  • Freelance terms
  • How to recognize a great story
  • Writers guidelines and using sample copies
  • Finding a publication
  • Understanding rejections
  • The power of free and networking
  • Freelancing is a business – be professional
  • Co-Writing
  • Query Letters
    • What editors want
    • Writing hooks and leads
    • Practise writing your own hook and lead

Are you planning to come? What are you hoping to learn from Freelancing For A Faith Based Market? Be heard.

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